Made for Life Radiance Facial

An organic detoxifying facial where 100% organic balms, oils and gentle exfoliation will nourish and cleanse, eliminating congestion and returning natural balance to the skin. It leaves you looking and feeling radiant with restored natural luminosity to the skin.

Made for Life Relax and Rejuvenate Facial

Uplifting facial using nourishing oils, balms and a special combination of Ayuverdic and Anma massage techniques to prevent and reduce tension. Softens facial wrinkles, reduces age spots and tones and lifts the complexion by stimulating the circulation and releasing toxins from the facial area. It leaves skin glowing and rejuvenated. Ideal for those who would like a natural approach to anti-ageing.


Made for Life Mindful Moments

A beautiful nurturing meditation experience with a calming foot ritual, head, neck and shoulder massage along with a firm and meaningful back massage. Clears the mind and soothes the soul.

Made for Life Luxury Organic Rose Indulgence Wrap

The treatment begins with gentle skin brushing to detox and stimulate, followed by a richly scented body massage and luxurious organic rose body wrap to hydrate and nourish the skin. The treatment is completed with a calming head massage.

Made for Life Relax into Radiance

Soothing long smooth strokes melt away tension from over-worked muscles and prepare the body for a skin softening exfoliation. The treatment concludes with a skin-brightening facial that cleanses and hydrates the skin, whilst a head massage clears and calms the mind.

Made for Life Back to Life

A luxurious and relaxing treat for the back, neck and shoulders. Starting with a back exfoliation, a melting muscle massage is designed to release aches and reduce tension in those most affected areas.

Made for Life Pregnancy Pampering

This nurturing full-body massage will give Mum-to-be a very special experience, taking her into a completely relaxed world. Slow smooth massage techniques are used to calm and alleviate any aches and pains and 100% organic oils help prevent stretch marks.

Made for Life Soul Sensation

This treatment starts with exfoliation of the feet to reveal soft and smooth skin and will be finished with a soothing leg and foot massage with cooling peppermint and healing rosemary.

Made for Life Mindful Connect and Nurture Massage

Create a deep sense of relaxation when a mind calming warm infusion of chamomile and rose geranium are combined with slow, soothing, hypnotic massage techniques incorporating smooth hot stones to ease physical and emotional tensions.

Made for Life Mindful Focus and Clarity Massage

Feel refreshed with bergamot and frankincense oils, yet completely relaxed with this firm, meaningful massage completed with a clearing cool stone face massage and mind focusing scalp massage.

Made for Life Mindful Uplift and Energise Massage

For the tired and achy body this stimulating massage is enhanced with a warm blend of rosemary and thyme to uplift the senses and boost circulation, energising the system with oxygen and nutrients.

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